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EPOINT SYSTEM has established itself as a one-stop business solutions provider for POINT OF SALE Solution. Our services include solutions for Fine Dining and Chinese Restaurants, Quick Service, Clubs Concepts and Retail Merchandise. With vast collective in-depth experience offered by the founders or the company, we are able to deliver a series of touch-screen Windows-based POS solutions for the F&B, Fast Food and Merchandising sectors.


ES software products consist of a complete solution for retailers in various market segments such as Food & Beverage, Merchandising, Membership Clubs and Hotels. The software components consist of a Touch Screen Point of Sale (POINT.POS) for the front counter operation and a full fledged Back Office Management and Reporting System.

Epoint POS

Our products include:


EPOINT POS utilises robust, easy to use, touch screens and is uniquely positioned to provide all your staff with the necessary tools, right at the Point of Sale, to deliver exceptional customer service.

  • Flexible Ordering Mode
  • Staff Management and Access Control
  • Robust Management Reports
  • POS Stock Management
  • Reliable and High Performance Platform
  • EPOINT Quick Queue

    Empower your customers with tools that allow them to choose between services, check-in for appointments, find the way or simply to take a ticket to a queue.

  • First come, first serve
  • Purpose-built for environments with extensive usage
  • A unique selection of touch screens or screens with buttons
  • EPOINT eWaiter

    Created a wireless mobile operation environment for the F&B scene fitting appropriately into prestigious dining restaurants, side walk fast-food outlets.

    Restaurants now have a portable tablet POS tool to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendations to help up-sell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen and take advantage of EPOINT eWaiter System innovative and amazing features - all with a few touches.


    SNAPVue allows the customer to view real time sales data and status breakdown by outlet on the go.This would make easier for business owners monitors carefully the whole operation without intently going to the shop.


    Although the majority of clients belongs to the F&B industry, Epoint POS consists of a complete solution for Merchandising, Membership Clubs and Hotels.

  • Centralizing control of one or more retail outlets
  • Fast, easy to use graphical touch screens
  • Inventory management
  • Membership management
  • Multiple payment methods, including octopus, coupons, points, and visa.

    EPOINT eMenu - the Interactive Digital Menu, uphold you to a new level of experience. Your guest can browse the menu, choose dishes and can order directly from the Epoint eMenu.

  • Boost in sales and profits
  • Outstanding and wide-ranging customer service
  • Strengthen selling brand image
  • Entertaining guests while they order & delight in more food
  • Lessen the waiting time period for customers

    EPOINT CRM Solution/ Membership Management, your customer can browse/manage their membership account and order directly from the Epoint CRM with their own mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

    EPOINT Security Solution

    EPOINT Security Solution, including CCTV, Alarm System, Access Control and EAS Intelligence, enables business to operate in a safe environment. Internally, each and every staff members are recorded in the system, and their activities could be traced; externally, customers and stocks are monitored, so that any irregularity could be spotted easily.

    EPOINT Inventory Control System

    the supervision and management of stock, is essential for every business. But the process can be troublesome and time-consuming. With EPOINT POS System, inventory control is made easier and more accurate. Not only does the system keep track of various types of inventory, it also provides detailed analysis of stock consumption that helps businesses identity their sales and market.

    EPOINT Recipe Costing System

    a vital element to the profitability of a business. EPOINT POS allows users to breakdown their recipes as an effort to calculate the cost of every single ingredient. Such function enables business to better understand their costs, and their profits per ingredient involved.